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Soul Healing

Soul Healing

Heal the Body & Mind by Healing the Soul

Disruption in the deepest part of you—the soul—can manifest as disease, discomfort, physical ailments, and mental struggles.

Conventional medication can treat the symptoms. But if it's not healed at a soul level, it won't be healed on the physical or mental level.

With soul healing, the body and mind are brought into a space where they can heal themselves when the damaged part of the soul is healed.

What is soul healing?

Soul healing is not very different to physical healing, except that it's on the soul level. Just like things can go wrong in the physical body, things can go wrong with the soul.

Because it's intangible, it can be easy for us to not realise that there's a problem on the soul level. If you have unexplained physical ailments or mental struggles that don't respond to treatment, it may be a soul problem and not a physical one.

Why does the soul need healing

Unseen forces are at play when it comes to the soul. If we aren't conscious of them and protect ourselves accordingly, we can leave ourselves open to being influenced by energies and entities with negative intentions.

The soul healing is for people. Heal the person and you heal their pet. When we're affected by negative forces, the soul can suffer a trauma. What happens in the soul manifests in the body or the mind.

Everybody has a different response to soul trauma; for one, it may be high blood pressure, for another, it may diabetes. It can also show up as unexplained pain or discomfort.

It can also manifest as extreme anxiety, depression, aggression, or other unexplained mental struggles.

Because the root of these things often comes from the soul, healing the soul before the body can sometimes fix it altogether. In many cases, it doesn't fix it completely but rather brings the body or mind into a space in which it's much more prepared to heal itself over time as you go forward.

How long does it take to work?

Healing on the soul level is instantaneous. But in many cases, the body and the mind take longer to heal themselves.

Depending on what the physical or mental ailments were, the body and mind will need time to heal and recover. It can take anywhere from a few days to months for the body or mind to heal from the trauma they endured as a result of a soul trauma.

How does a soul healing take place?

Soul healing is all about energy. I clear my mind and step into your soul's space, after asking permission to enter.

From there, I can feel energetically where there are problems and heal them by sending love to them.

Thereafter, the body or mind will take over and begin to heal itself. My role is small - your body or mind's inherent healing ability will take over after the soul healing session.

Do I need chiropractic work as well as a soul healing session?

Not usually. Most of the time, soul healing brings the body into a space where it can heal itself, as the energy has begun to flow properly through the body and both the body and mind can more easily access their own inherent healing abilities.

Do we need to meet for the healing?

We don't need to meet face-to-face for a healing. Distance healing is just as effective, as I'm meeting with your soul, not your physical body.

This means that we don't have to be in the same location, or even in the same country for your soul healing to take place.

How many sessions do I need?

Although soul healing is usually immediate, in many cases it needs more than one session to really make sure that the problem is fixed.

The first session will be to look for and heal the immediate problem. The second session will be to check up on the original problem and make sure it's healed properly and the soul is in a whole, healed state. Usually, a third session is a last check-up.

My main Soul Healing Package includes three sessions, but you can also book a single "maintenance" session.