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Maintenance Proposal


Experience has taught me that in 98% of the horses that I have seen, there is a definitive cause to the joint restrictions and muscle spasms in their body – i.e. the cause of their pain is something that we as humans have done to them e.g. bad fitting tack; and it has not been what they have done to themselves e.g. physical injury. Their pain and suffering often goes unnoticed for many months, and in some cases, for years. The following letter was sent out to royalty in Pakistan, however I would like to offer the same service to your horses.

Maintenance of horses skeletal and muscular system through equine chiropractic.

equine system

For the last four and a half years I have specialized in treating horses with muscle spasms and joint restrictions. My work has led me to Norway and New Zealand, as well as throughout my country, where I have successfully treated horses and enhanced their quality of life.

The approach towards horse health care is one that needs to be re-addressed should we want to do what is best for the animal. We wait till the horse shows us signs of lameness before we attend to its medical needs. From experience, the horses that I have treated have been in pain for months, and in some instances, even years.

This is the downfall of the horse – that they are so willing to please us that they will work through their pain and discomfort until they are physically unable to do so. It is only at this point when we see signs of lameness or behavioural changes that we step in and assist medically.

As we service our motor vehicles on a regular basis in order to keep them in good running order, and to prevent costly damages, so too should the horses muscular and skeletal system be maintained on a regular basis.

    The advantages of this are as follows:
  • There is massive cost savings involved, as serious damage to the horse can be avoided – which can be costly to treat.
  • When injured, the horse is out of work, which is money and time wasted, as it cannot fulfill its duties.
  • A person does not wait for problems to arise. By attending to horses on a regular basis, the problems that are noted, are in their infancy, and can be easily addressed.
  • The horse does not have to go through every day of its working life in pain.
  • The horse will always be performing at its peak.

What I have outlined above is for the best interests of the horse, as well as for the owner so that he may get the most out of his horse and enjoy his sport to the fullest.

In the long term, the maintenance of the horses muscular and skeletal system saves money, but most importantly, is the benefit of knowing that your horses have gone through the competitive stage of their lives performing at their peak.